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    A-TACS и Propper - брюки ACU армейская боевая униформа FROG

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    A radical step forward in the science of concealment, the A-TACS ACU is part of the first-ever head-to-toe concealment system by Propper.

    • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Ripstop
    • Utilizes A-TACS pattern that breaks up human outline at a range of distances.
    • Vat-dyed, permanent press CL-8 of MIL-44436
    • Leg cuff with front closure tie
    • Knee pouches with hook & loop closures for internal kneepad inserts

    What is A-TACS?
    A-TACS stands for Advanced Tactical Concealment Systems. It is a camouflage pattern that uses naturally shaped pixels that bring together a muted blend of real-world colors. It functions as a universal camouflage and works best in open, rocky, arid and urban environments. It is designed for military, special forces and tactical departments.

    How A-TACS Works
    Digital Concealment Systems, the creators of A-TACS, set out on a mission to correct flaws pinpointed in previous camo designs. To do so, they removed all 90-degree angles from the design. By taking away digital square pixels, they created a camouflage design with an organic, fluid appearance that allows for concealment from a variety of distances. This "pattern within a pattern" look lets the human outline nearly diminish at a variety of distances. It allows for a greater and more versatile concealment method than ever before.

    With a palette of colors digitally sampled from the natural world, A-TACS revolutionizes camouflage by utilizing a mathematical algorithm to form organic pixels. By doing so, they developed a digital pattern without a digital look, giving way to a truly chameleon-like camo. 

    Additional Information

    • Pattern recommended for open, rocky, arid and urban environments
    • Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant
    • Button fly with a drawstring
    • Bellowed-calf storage pocket
    • Forward-tilted cargo pocket
    • DuPont™ Teflon liquid repellent finish



      • Состав: 65% полиэстер / 35% хлопок
      • Перманентный пресс CL-8
      • Манжетное закрытие на шнурках
      • Обработка DuPont™ Teflon
      • Производство Доминиканская республика

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